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Sample info : 84Au-112a
Sample ID:84Au-112a
Station ID:84Au-112
Date Sampled:1984-01-01
Sample Type 1:Lava
Sample Type 2:Flow
Field Lithology:Basalt
Text Description:
Basaltic hyaloclastite lava flow. Augite, olivine, and hornblende phenocrysts in a slightly vesicular groundmass of plagioclase microlites, olivine, augite, and dark brown devitrified glass. Olivine phenocrysts occur as both large euhedral and small akelatal [sic] crystals. Augite commonly occurs in rounded clots of augite +/- olivine. Plagioclase is absent as a phenocryst but several rounded, sieve textures crystals are present as xenocrysts.

Petrology, geochemistry, and the evolution of magmas from Augustine Volcano, Alaska

Sample Location

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