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Vsevidof reported activity



This is a questionable event.

Start:December 1830 Observed

Active; type of activity not specified: BibCard BibCard BibCard
Eruption Type:Other

Description: Grewingk (1850, translated 2003 by Fritz Jaensch) cites Veniaminov and writes that in 1830 there was renewed activity of a volcanic cone on the SW end of Umnak Island -- perhaps Recheshnoi. Sapper (1917) reports the date of this event as May 30, 1790, and as at Vsevidof. Coats (1950) also notes that Recheshnoi is deeply eroded and that this eruption probably took place at Vsevidof instead. The 1984 English translation of Veniaminov does not appear to contain reference to this event - the only notation of an eruption in 1830 is of a "low peak in the interior of Unimak Island" [perhaps Westdahl?]: "In August, 1830, the summit of this peak exploded again, but without any other special phenomena."

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