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redoubt reported activity

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Event Specific Information:

Start:November 25, 2003 Observed

Meterologic clouds - no eruption: BibCard
Eruption Type:Not an eruption.

Description: From McGimsey and others (2005): "On November 25, 2003, an employee on the 18th floor of the Conoco Phillips Building in downtown Anchorage reported a 'white plume' over the general vicinity of Redoubt. Seismograms and spectrograms revealed nothing unusual other than typical wind noise. AVO staff called the CWSU of the FAA to request a PIREP from any planes flying over Redoubt and a short while later learned that there was 'no steam but plenty of blowing snow'. Photographs sent to AVO from the original observer at Conoco Phillips show an abrupt cloud edge forming over the general Redoubt area, and billowing downwind to the southeast. The clouds were a weather phenomenon that was mistaken for possible unrest at the volcano. AVO frequently receives similar reports about the Cook Inlet volcanoes during the spring and fall."

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