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Gilbert reported activity

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Reported Activity
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1828-00-00Gilbert: 1828 Grewingk (1850) reports that Postels and Veniaminov reported hot springs on the northern part of Akun Island (Mt. Gilbert is also on the northern part of Akun Island) but that no volcanic phenomena were observed until Postels reported periodic smoke columns in 1828.information.pngye50http://www.avo.alaska.edu/volcanoes/activity.php?volcname=Gilbert&eruptionid=512&page=basic
1917-08-00Gilbert: 1917 Maddren (1919), who visited Akun and Unalaska Islands during August and September 1917, describes the sulfur deposits of Akun Island, near Mt. Gilbert. He reports: "The sulfatara is in rather mild or semidormant activity. Within the smaller area of about 5 acres small volumes of steam and scalding water, accompanied by a small quantity of hydrogen sulphide gas (H2S), issue from fissures at widely spaced intervals, and the remainder of the area shows no particular evidences of the escape of subterranean ... More informationinformation.pngye50http://www.avo.alaska.edu/volcanoes/activity.php?volcname=Gilbert&eruptionid=513&page=basic
1948-00-08Gilbert: 1948 Byers and Barth (1953) visited Akun Island and Mt. Gilbert during August, 1948, and although they did not see "thermal activity" they did observe "a faint odour resembling hydrogen sulphide," and viewed the sulfur products of recent fumarolic activity.information.pngye50http://www.avo.alaska.edu/volcanoes/activity.php?volcname=Gilbert&eruptionid=514&page=basic
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