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Yunaska reported activity

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Reported Activity
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1817-04-07Yunaska: 1817 Grewingk (1850, translated 2003 by Fritz Jaensch) writes that Choris (Voyage pittoresque autour du monde, avec des portraits de sauvages d'Amérique, D'Asie, d'Afrique, et des iles du Grand océan; des paysages, des vues maritimes, et plusieurs objets d'histoire naturelle; accompagné de descriptions par m. le baron Cuvier, et m. A. de Chamisso, et d'observations sur les cranes humains, par m. le docteur Gall, 1822, in French) reported smoking from Yunaska at the beginning of April, 1817.asterisk_yellow.pngye50http://www.avo.alaska.edu/volcanoes/activity.php?volcname=Yunaska&eruptionid=98&page=basic
1824-00-001825-00-00Yunaska: 1824 - 1825 Grewingk (1850, translated 2003 by Fritz Jaensch) writes that Litke reported "renewed eruption," an "enormous eruption after long dormancy." in 1824. The English translation of Litke "A voyage around the world, 1826-1829) does not contain reference to this event. However, the English translation does not cover all of Litke's publications for this voyage, which he published in both Russian and French.(Dall (1870) writes that a "major eruption took place on Yunaska." Petroff (1884) writes that ... More informationexclamation.pngye50http://www.avo.alaska.edu/volcanoes/activity.php?volcname=Yunaska&eruptionid=99&page=basic
1830-00-00Yunaska: 1830 Grewingk (1850, translated 2003 by Fritz Jaensch): writes that there was an expulsion of ashes from Yunaska in 1830. Mushketov and Orlov (1893, translated in 1994 by Katharine Arndt) wrote: "In the same year [1830] an earthquake at the volcano Yunaka [sic; Yunaska?] and an eruption of flame and ash, in which there appeared a torrent which formed from melted snow or from rain and, like the sea water, was colored black." Mushketov and Orlov cite Grewingk (1850) and Perrey (1866).exclamation.pngye50http://www.avo.alaska.edu/volcanoes/activity.php?volcname=Yunaska&eruptionid=100&page=basic
1873-00-00Yunaska: 1873 Becker (1898) reports steam from Yunaska in 1873.asterisk_yellow.pngye50http://www.avo.alaska.edu/volcanoes/activity.php?volcname=Yunaska&eruptionid=101&page=basic
1929-00-00Yunaska: 1929 Powers (1958) reports smoke from Yunaska in 1929.asterisk_yellow.pngye50http://www.avo.alaska.edu/volcanoes/activity.php?volcname=Yunaska&eruptionid=102&page=basic
1937-11-021937-11-4Yunaska: 1937 From the Anchorage Times (1937): "The weather bureau here [Seattle] said today [November 3) it received a radiogram from the Bureau of Education ship Boxer describing a violent volcanic eruption on Yunaska Island in the Aleutian chain west of Unalaska. The Boxer said it passed 15 miles northwest of Yunaska and that the island was in flames from the eruption. The disturbance seemed to be the most violent in the center, diminishing on the east and west ends." A UP article published in the ... More informationexclamation.pngye50http://www.avo.alaska.edu/volcanoes/activity.php?volcname=Yunaska&eruptionid=103&page=basic
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