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Submarine 003 description and information


Type:Undersea eroded volcanic peaks
Most Recent Activity:
Seismically Monitored: No
Elevation: -30 ft (-9 m)
Latitude: 53.1198° N
Longitude:170.2279° W
CAVW Number:
Pronunciation: Sound file
Nearby towns:Nikolski 58 mi (93 km) SE
Attu Station 126 mi (202 km) SW
Unalaska 160 mi (258 km) NE
Shemya Station 164 mi (264 km) SW
Anchorage 938 mi (1509 km) NE
Volynets and others (1994) describe these submarine peaks, ~15 miles north of Carlisle, as eroded volcanic cones (?), and state that they seem to be of Pleistocene age. Dredge samples of these peaks (V38-27, -28, and -29) returned basalt, in addition to probably exotic blocks and fragments of paleotyal lava, diorite, metasediments, sediments, and sedimentary rocks.
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