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citation imageRiehle, J. R., Yount, M. E., and Miller, T. P., 1987, Petrography, chemistry, and geologic history of Yantarni volcano, Aleutian volcanic arc, Alaska: U.S. Geological Survey Bulletin 1761, 27 p., 1 sheet, scale 1:63,360.
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178: Major element whole rock analyses of Yantarni samples
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* ¹Analyses from F.H. Wilson (oral commun., 1985). ²Loss on ignition to 925oC for 40 minutes. Value reported here has been corrected for oxidation of FeO to Fe2O3 and should include only volatiles. *
179: Petrographic descriptions of Yantarni samples
* ¹Description modified from F.H. Wilson (oral commun., 1985) for inclusion here. ²Includes 10.5 percent alteration pseudomorphs, formerly hornblende(?) microphenocrysts. (^3) Modes here are exclusive of a single large lithic clast consisting of porphyritic diabase. (^4)Includes 6.8 percent alteration pseudomorphs, formerly mafic phenocrysts. (^5)Includes 7.5 percent alteration pseudomorphs, formerly mafic(?) phenocrysts. *
180: Radiometric age determinations of Yantarni samples
* Analysts: Argon and age calculation, F.H. Wilson, N. Shew, and G.D. DuBois; potassium, S. Neil. Data provided by F.H. Wilson. *
181: Analyses of representative pyroxene phenocrysts from Yantarni Volcano
* Iron partitioning and structural distribution by the method of Papike and others (1974). Exoct, excess of cations beyond these necessary to fill the octahedral site; quad, percentage of total cations accounted for in the pyroxene "quadrilateral' (Wo-En-Fs); other, percentage of cations other than those of the pyroxene quadrilateral. *
182: Analyses of representative olivine phenocrysts from Yantarni Volcano

183: Analyses of representative plagioclase phenocrysts from Yantarni Volcano

184: Analyses of representative amphibole phenocrysts from Yantarni Volcano

185: Residual sums of squares for each of seven major oxides regressed against SiO2
* A quadratic expression fits the variation plots only slightly better than a linear expression. Regressions performed by Merribeth Bruntz, U.S. Geological Survey. *

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