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citation imagevon Drach, V., Marsh, B. D., and Wasserburg, G. J., 1986, Nd and Sr isotopes in the Aleutians: multicomponent parenthood of island-arc magmas: Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, v. 92, n. 1, p. 13-34.

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87: Sr and Nd isotope ratios in volcanic and sedimentary rocks from Alaska, Kamchatka, the North Pacific and the Bering Sea
* Sr corrected for fractionation with: 86Sr/88Sr-0.1194. Nd corrected for fractionation with 146Nd/144Nd-0.636151 and for oxygen with 18O/16O-0.00211 and 17O/16O-0.000387. Reference values for calculation of eSr and eNd are: (87Sr/86Sr)UR-0.70450 and (143Nd/144Nd)CHUR-0.511847. Errors are in the last figures given and represent +/- 2 sigma mean. (super a) Sample source see Flanagan 1967 (super b) See Wasserburg et al. (1981) (super c) Average of 12 analyses by Papanastassiou and Wasserburg (1978) is 0.70906+/-2; sample source: see Piepgras and Wasserburg (1980) *
88: Trace element concentrations (in ppm) in volcanic and sedimentary rocks from Alaska, Kamchatka, and the North Pacific
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* Estimated error (+/- 2 sigma): Rb, Sm, K: 5%; Sr, Nd, Ba: 3%. Numbers in parentheses are literature values: AD-14, GS-4, and CB-12; Marsh 1976; AMK-2, BOG-6 (=BOG-5), and AKM-6: Marsh and Leitz 1979; DSDP-191: Stewart et al. 1973 and Kay and Hubbard 1978; DSDP-178: MacLeod and Pratt 1973; DSDP-183: Stewart et al. 19973 and Kay 1980; KAM-1: Volynets et al. 1983; BCR-1: Flanagan 1973 *
89: Concentration and isotopic composition of Nd and Sr in arc volcanics and possible source materials
* n=number of data taken for averages. If only one number is given, both the concentrations and the e -values have been determined on the same samples. C=Composite samples. If two numbers are given, the left one stands for the concentrations, the right one for the e -values. Errors given in the upper section are 1 sigma values of the distributions. Two component mixtures have been calculated to fit e Nd of the main arc. (A.). Three component mixtures have been calculated to fit e Sr of the main arc (A.) or the second arc (B.). Errors given in the lower section for K. to M. are calculated to fit the 1 sigma values of the e Nd distribution of samples from the main volcanic chain, and for N. to S. to fit the 1 sigma values of e Sr distributions of main arc or second arc samples. w/r = water/rock ration. e -values of ophiolite gabbros have been adopted from C. Literature values as in Fig. 10 and Kay et al (1970), Hedge and Petermann (1970), Kay et al. (1978) (sea floor basalts); Dasch (1969), Dasch et al (1971), Shimokawa et al (1972). Church (1973), Piper (1974) (pelagic sediments); Mason (1966), Piepgras et al. (1979) (seawater); Haskin et al. (1966), McCulloch and Wasserburg (1978) (NAS=North American Shales); Kay and Senechal (1976), and Hawkins (1979) (ophiolite gabbros). All isotope values are adjusted to e Nd = 0 for BCR-1 and to 87Sr/86Sr =0.71021 for the E&A and NBS9876 SrCO3 standards, respectively. *

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