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Wilson, F.H., and Shew, Nora, 1992, Map and tables showing geochronology and whole-rock geochemistry of selected samples, Ugashik and part of Karluk quadrangles, Alaska: U.S. Geological Survey Miscellaneous Field Studies Map MF-1539-E, 34 p., 2 sheets, scale 1:250,000.
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DATA TABLES *Not all tables in a publication may be listed. Not all tables from a publication have data entered in the database.
191: Potassium-argon data
* Constants used were 40K/K=1.67x10^-4 mol/mol; ?ß=4.962x10^-1/year, ?e=0.581x10^-1/year. Potassium analysts for the K-Ar dating were P.R. Klock, D.V. Vivit, and Byron Lai. Sample preparation, argon extraction, and data reduction by authors with aid from C.L. Connor, L.B. Gray-Pickthorn, Rita Taylor, Brian Ho, G.D. DuBois, and Douglas Lamm; except for samples R-41360, analyzed by M.L. Silberman; samples Ugashik 1, Ugashik 2, and Great Basins No. 1, reported in Brockway and others (1975); and sample 66AR 1331, reported in Reed and Lanphere (1969) and Dalrymple and Lanphere (1974). *
192: Major-element chemical data and CIPW normative minerals
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* For most samples, major-element chemical analyses were performed using X-ray fluorescence methods; induction-coupled plasma spectrometry (ICP) was used for three samples. CIPW norms and other petrologic parameters were calculated using PETCAL (Bingler and others, 1976) with extensive modifications of the program by R.D. Koch and F.H. Wilson to calculate additional parameters and allow use on a microcomputer. Values shown are in percent, Norm-An is the normative plagioclase composition in percent anorthite calculated by PETCAL. Analysts for X-ray fluorescence analyses were J.S. Wahlberg, J.E. Taggert Jr., J.W. Baker, A.J. Bartel, K.C. Stewart, and L.F. Espos. Samples 81AWs 266, 81AYb 138, and 81AYb 168 were analyzed using ICP methods by Hezekiah Smith. FeO, CO2, and H2O were determined following Shapiro and Brannock (1962) by H.G. Neiman, Georgia Mason, Jean Ryder, Cynthia Stone, D.V. Vivit, P.R. Klock, D. Shepard, S.T. Neil, M. Taylor, E.E. Engleman, and M. Manser. *
193: Selected semiquantitative emission spectrometric data
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