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citation imageJensen, B.J.L., Pyne-O'Donnell, Sean, Plunkett, Gill, Froese, D.G., Hughes, P.D.M., Sigl, Michael, McConnell, J.R., Amesbury, M.J., Blackwell, P.J., van den Bogaard, Christel, Buck, C.E., Charman, D.J., Clague, J.J., Hall, V.A., Koch, Johannes, Mackay, Helen, Mallon, Gunnar, McColl, Lynsey, and Pilcher, J.R., 2014, Transatlantic distribution of the Alaskan White River Ash: Geology, v. 42, n. 10, p. 875-878, doi:10.1130/G35945.1

DATA TABLES *Not all tables in a publication may be listed. Not all tables from a publication have data entered in the database.
3511: Glass major-element compositions of WRAe (UA 1119) and AD860B, normalized to 100% on a volatile free basis. Previously published analyses of AD860B and secondary standard analyses for ID3506 are included for comparison.
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* *Analyzed at Queen's University Belfast; †Analyzed at Edinburgh Tephrochronology Analytical Unit; § also includes unpublished data from J. Pilcher. N.I. = Northern Ireland; SB = Sluggan Bog, NEEM = NEEM-S1-2011. MN = Mean, SD = standard deviation at 1 sigma except official values of ID 3506 (2 sigma); n = number of analyses; H2Odi= water by difference; FeOt = total Fe as FeO. All data except standards are normalized to 100% on a water-free basis. XRF = X-ray fluorescence *

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