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General Hints
The search engine will retrieve those references that fulfill ALL of the search criteria that have been entered. It will not return references that match some of the entered information and not the other information.

Please do not include any special characters (commas, question marks, ampersands, etc.) in the input boxes, unless those characters are integral to the search.

The search criteria fields are NOT case sensitive.

Title: If part of the reference's title is known, enter those words in the title input box. The search engine will look for all of the words in the reference titles. All words entered here must exist in the title, in order for the reference to appear in the search results.

Author: Include only one author's last name in the last name input box. If you need to distinguish between two authors with the same last name, enter the author's first name in the first name input box.

Publication Year: The search engine will retrieve all publication years by default. The publication year represents the calendar year in which the publication was actually published, not the publication year that is part of the publication number. While the two fields will match for most publications, occasionally they are different.

Volcano: The search engine will retrieve all volcanoes by default. If you choose a specific volcano, only references associated to that volcano will be returned.

Keywords: Hold the Ctrl key to select multiple keywords. The search engine will retrieve all keywords by default. Search results based on keywords are dependent upon the reference's associated keywords.

Online documents: If this option is checked, only those references that have documents available online will be returned.

Maps: If this option is checked, only those references that are flagged as maps, or contain maps will be returned.

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