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IMAGE 135281
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These figures show a high resolution image of the Veniaminof eruption that was acquired by the WorldView-2 satellite on November 5. The image is shown in false color (near-infrared, red, and green bands) to highlight the lava channel. The left figure shows the continuous ashy plume that drifted northeast throughout the day on November 5. There is also a fresh tephra deposit on the snow that is likely from the previous day when the plume was heading east. In the close-up of the lava flow on the right, it is possible to see the active lava channel along the western flow margin that is feeding the flow front, where there is a small steam plume. The active flow length along the channel is ~1.1 km and the channel width ranges from 10 meters near the vent to 60 meters distally. The newer flows are snow-free, while the older eastern lobe appears to have a dusting of snow on top. Ice continues to collapse around the flow front from melting.

Date: November 5, 2018 10:26 PM UTC
Photographer/Creator: Dietterich, Hannah

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Image copyright DigitalGlobe 2018 NextView license

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