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Seismic Network Health Map
Last Updated: October 10, 2015

AVO monitors all Alaska volcanoes with satellite and regional infrasound data, and has installed seismic monitoring networks on 33 volcanoes; there are 52 historically active volcanoes in the State. In recent years AVO has deferred maintenance on geophysical monitoring networks at many previously well-monitored Alaskan volcanoes due to insufficient funding. As a result many seismic stations have gradually become inoperable or are functioning intermittently.

OCTOBER 2015 UPDATE: With additional funding in 2015, AVO has reduced the backlog of deferred maintenance, completing repairs at Aniakchak, Gareloi, Tanaga, Westdahl, and Shishaldin volcanoes. As a result, AVO can once again reliably track volcanic unrest at these volcanoes and issue warnings of hazardous eruptive activity should it occur.

This map depicts AVO's seismic monitoring capabilities, on a per-volcano basis. Seismic networks at a volcano are classed as

"inoperable": Seismic network exists, but has failed.
"heavily impaired/intermittent": Minimal capability to detect anomalous volcanic seismicity; may not be able to detect precursory activity for advanced warning.
"functional": Seismic network can adequately detect volcanic seismicity.

This map is intended to reflect a near-real-time assessment of AVO's seismic network health, and volcanoes may change status here on a short time frame that may not lead to a formal designation of "monitored" or "unmonitored." Long-term or permanent placement in the "inoperable" category may lead to a formal announcement of "unmonitored" status (e.g. Wrangell, Little Sitkin, and Semisopochnoi.)

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