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Sample ID:01NYO-08
Station ID:01NYO-08
Date Sampled:2001-01-01
Sample Type 1:Lava
Final Unit:Ff
Text Description:
lava from cone F, n of F, w of C

The 2008 eruption of Okmok Volcano, Alaska: Petrological and geochemical constraints on the subsurface magma plumbing system

StationIDLatitudeLongitudeGeologistDateVisitedAge InfoVolcanoEruptionLocation DescriptionText DescriptionSample IDSample Type 1Sample Type 2Final UnitMaterialSiO2TiO2Al2O3FeOTMnOMgOCaONa2OK2OP2O5Total-majorsREF majorsMETH majorsFe2O3/Fe203T origFeO/FeOT origVolatiles csvMETH volatilesCsRbBaSrLaCePrNdSmEuGdTbDyHoErTmYbLuYZrNbHfTaPbThUScVCrFeCoNiCuZnGaMoAsNaKRef trace1METH trace1RbBaSrLaCeNdSmEuGdDyErYbLuYZrNbPbThUScTiVCrNiCuZnGaRef trace2METH trace2Light csvHalogen csvother major csvother lile csvother ree csvother hfse csvother hpe csvother tm csvother misc csv
01NYO-0853.40022-168.12919Nye, C. J.2001-01-01 Okmoklava from cone F, n of F, w of Clava from cone F, n of F, w of C01NYO-08LavaFfWhole-rock 54.0355952 1.40613073 16.02989032 10.86537303 0.20991523 4.097866699 8.677835362 3.495239243 0.954160138 0.227994054 99.5648693XRF10.86537303 1.497835986 19.78518866 306.7533755 341.4822335 8.683631806 20.53372212 3.006927657 14.03332451 4.004649365 1.326661353 4.58202009 0.791897505 5.13522177 1.088405834 3.044211085 0.446932592 2.770450079 0.43684981 26.22026732 96.1165986 2.907711219 2.853038993 0.222473595 7.958258194 1.919840481 0.928590069 35.80103935 373 51 11 180 103 19 8693ICPMS: Cs, Rb, Ba, Sr, La, Ce, Pr, Nd, Sm, Eu, Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, Tm, Yb, Lu, Y, Zr, Nb, Hf, Ta, Pb, Th, U, Sc; XRF: V, Cr, Ni, Cu, Zn, Ga;


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