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Akutan reported activity





Event Name : Akutan 1907

Start: 1907 Observed

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Eruption Type:Explosive

Description: A March 15, 1907, Washington Post newspaper article describes the eruption observed in March, 1907: "Word has been received from Valdez, Alaska, that the volcano on the Island of Akutan, off the Peninsula of Alaska, and not far from Unalaska, was in active eruption when the steamer Dora passed the island at 2 a.m. on February 28. All the passengers were aroused to witness the sight, which is said to have been magnificent.

"At about the same hour, a severe earthquake occurred occurred at Unalaska, although it did no serious damage."

The U.S. Revenue Service Cutter Perry reported Akutan 'emitting considerable smoke' on June 21, 1907. (Logbook entry available on Old Weather project website: http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ow3/final/Commodore%20perry//Volumes/Seagate%20Backup%20Plus%20Drive/Arfon-JPEGS/RG26/COMMODORE%20PERRY//vol184/vol184_175_1.jpg ).

Jaggar (1908) reports that on June 28, 1907, the "lower active cone of Akutan near the shore is throwing up columns of black factory 'smoke' - steam charged with dust. Continues to say that on the slopes and in the gulch descending from the crater there is much snow, soiled with new-fallen volcanic dust" and on July 3, 1907, Akutan was smoking, and they observed 4 black puffs.

Eakle (1908) writes: "Last summer Akutan was sending up intermittently a huge column of vapor, which spread out above into the well known cauliflower or umbrella shape, similar to the smoke column that hung over San Francisco during the recent conflagration."

And Finch (1935) states that "In 1907 the volcano was more or less continuously active for most of the year."

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