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Akutan reported activity





Event Name : Akutan 1990/9

Start:September 6, 1990 Observed
Stop:October 1, 1990 Observed

Tephra plume: BibCard BibCard
Central eruption: BibCard BibCard
Eruption Type:Explosive
Duration: 26 days BibCard
MaxVEI: 2 BibCard
ColHeight: 2400 m BibCard

Description: From Smithsonian Institution (1990): "A series of small, short-lived tephra clouds from Akutan were observed in September. No ashfall was noted at Akutan village. Tephra ejection had last been reported in January. Observer's initials, in brackets, follow their information in the chronology below.

"6 September: An ash plume was rising 200 m above the tephra cone in the summit caldera at 0910. By 1022, only a thin atmospheric ash layer remained, extending at least 24 km at 1200 m altitude [RL]. At about 1220, a gray cloud reached 1700 m altitude. Ash was again being emitted at 1330, and was drifting E [JRo].

"21 September: Tephra plumes rose about 300 m above the summit at 0915 and 1345 [JRi]. Another plume was seen from Akutan village at about 1600 [MO]. At 1815, a dark gray plume rose to an altitude estimated from the ground at 2400 m, then drifted NE [JRi]. A tephra column ejected at about 2030 that was initially black, then faded to a brown tone, grew into a mushroom-shaped cloud that reached approximately 2,400 m above the volcano [MO]. Observers from the village estimated that each of the day's plumes had risen at least 1,200 m.

"22 September: A small tephra plume rose about 150 m at 1030. Steam emission was above normal through the day [JRi].

"Several similar small tephra clouds were seen during the following days, but no records were kept of dates and times.

"30 September: A very dark black plume ejected at 2005 rose about 1800 m and drifted E toward Akutan village [DH].

"1 October: At 1055, a dark black cloud rapidly emerged and reached 1,500 m above the summit before moving E. After the initial burst, the plume weakened to a light brown color. Activity was apparently limited to emission of a 60-m steam plume for the rest of the day [MO].

"Observers (initials in brackets): David Hamilton and Mark Owen (Trident Seafood, Akutan village); Robert LeBlanc, Jerry Richardson, and Jean Robert (MarkAir)."

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