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Augustine reported activity





Event Name : Augustine Tephra I

Start: 1700 Years BP C-14 (raw)

Tephrafall: BibCard BibCard BibCard BibCard BibCard BibCard
Eruption Type:Explosive

Description: From Waitt and Beget (2009): "The lowest five coarse-pumice beds at the coast-tephras G, I, H, C, and O-drifted east and southeast. Tephra G and ambiguous tephra O are known only from a few sites each on the east and southeast, neither with enough data points to warrant a map. Drawn from data at many stratigraphic exposures, isopach maps clearly show tephras I, H, and C drifted east-southeast and southeast."

"Several decimeters of thin beds of fine sand to silt (ash) separate tephra layers I and H (fig. 6 [in original text])."

"The two major Augustine proximal tephras that are also identified in distal locations are tephra B (about 390 yr B.P.) and tephra I (about 1,700 yr B.P.). Tephra I is about 3 cm thick at a distance of 110 km, and B is about 7 mm thick at a distance of 200 km (fig. 8 [in original text])."

From Tappen and others (2009): "Tephra I is a gray pumiceous fall layer that is 2-4 cm thick and appears to be reworked as it also contains soil..."

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