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Espenberg reported activity



Event Name : Espenberg Whitefish Maar

Start: 200000 Years BP Tephrochronology
Stop: 100000 Years BP Tephrochronology

Maar, tuff cone, tuff ring: BibCard BibCard BibCard
Eruption Type:Explosive

Description: From Hopkins (1988): "The youngest and most spectacular volcanic features in the Devil Mountain-Cape Espenberg area consist of a group of five maars (shallow, broad, low-rimmed explosion craters formed by eruptions rich in steam)."

From Beget and others (1996): "Whitefish Maar lies 15 km west of the Devil Mountain Maar, is 4.3 km in diameter, and covers 15 km2, although the lake basin has been partly filled by alluvium and other sediments since the eruption. Exposures through proximal hydromagmatic deposits are rare at the older maars, but isolated exposures exist in stream gullies at each older maar, and in each case the absence of paleosols, nonvolcanic sediment, or other stratigraphic breaks suggests each of these maars formed as the result of complex but monogenetic eruptive events."

"...Whitefish Maar may be 100-200,000 years old (Hopkins, 1988; Beget and others, 1991)."

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