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Westdahl reported activity



Event Name : Westdahl 1964/3

Start:March 10, 1964 Observed
Stop:April 16, 1964 Observed

Lava flow: BibCard BibCard BibCard
Flank eruption: BibCard BibCard
Tephra plume: BibCard BibCard
Phreato-magmatic: BibCard
Eruption Type:Explosive
Duration: about 1 month BibCard
MaxVEI: 2 BibCard
ColHeight: 610 m BibCard

Description: Juergen Kienle's compiled notes on file at the Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks, state that Skinner reported in 1979 that during late 1964 to early 1965, 7 separate "blow holes" of ash on E-W line were active at Westdahl. He also states that across a plateau south of Pogromni, just before it slopes off to Bering Sea, there was activity for 1 week, there was a deep gully connecting all blow holes in snow field, and at the end of the week, the main fissure had completely stopped, but a new cone had formed 3 miles from the Bering Sea beach (with lava flow).

Reeder and Doukas (1994) report that Westdahl erupted in 1964-65, producing a fissure-fed lava flow that eventually covered 35 square kilometers.

Coats (1964) writes that tremors were reported at Scotch Cap, and that although there was lava, the composition is unknown. Coarse tephra was also produced. On April 16, the vent was only steaming slightly. Secondary fumaroles were seen on the lava flow.

The Associated Press produced an article on March 14, 1964: "A major new volcanic eruption was reported late Friday on Unimak Island in the Aleutian chain, with a two-mile river of lava flowing from the mountain's crater and debris hurled 2,000 feet into the air.

"The lava flow and spewing debris was reported by a Coast Guard plane flying a low-level survey about five miles east of Westdahl peak, on Pogromni volcano at the west end of Unimak."

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