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Skookum Creek description and information


Type:Andesite and basaltic andesite flows; dacite and rhyolite domes
Most Recent Activity:
Seismically Monitored: No
Elevation: 7126 ft (2172 m)
Latitude: 62.3996° N
Longitude:143.1371° W
CAVW Number:
Pronunciation: Sound file
Nearby towns:Slana 34 mi (54 km) NW
Chisana 42 mi (68 km) SE
Mentasta Lake 42 mi (68 km) NW
Chistochina 50 mi (81 km) NW
Anchorage 235 mi (378 km) SW
From Miller and Richter (1994) [1]: "The Skookum Creek eruptive center is an erosionally dissected complex that may, in part, be as young as Quaternary. It consists principally of a series of rhyolite, rhyodacite, and andesite domes and their associated pyroclastic deposits, with an age of about 3.7 Ma, and an extensive sequence of relatively flat-lying andesite flows, some of which have been dated at 2.8 Ma [2]. Both the domes and the flows are intruded by a few rhyodacite and andesitic dikes that appear to originate from a rhyodacite dome near the center of the complex. Relations between the volcanic units of the complex suggest that the flat-lying flows fill a caldera that is defined by the crude arcuate alignment of the domes."


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